Traveling Wanderers on Modern Guided Vacations

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Gypsies are traveling wanderers. Knowledgeable from their journeys they learn secrets and stories destinations and culture and are able to share this information with travelers seeking enlightening destination experiences. Most gypsies spend years wandering to unknown and undiscovered regions that experienced travelers will avoid. What the traveling gypsies are in search of is a secret – secrets only they share with their nomadic network of companions and followers. What they learn throughout their adventure is the secret of joy, laughter, follies and wisdom – the knowledge that comes from experiencing the journey itself and not the destination. Theirs is the story of the journey, not the destination. The path to seek within the world and inside of ourselves. With their magical and mysterious demeanor, traveling gypsies know the secrets of some of the world’s most admired and destitute locations. By absorbing the spirit of the surrounding terrain they feel the combination of the four elements in a spiritual battle of mind over matter. It’s their method of understanding the world’s natural mysteries. Oh traveling gypsies – if only they would come to the light and share their secrets! As history transitions to the present, the inner desire to experience the new still lingers.

As Roxy Freeman notes in the Guardan, the idyllic life of the gypsy produces a need for wander and adventure that inspires many. With this in mind, companies have taken the journey of the gypsy and used it as a model to develop controlled adventure vacations. These are new forms of vacation – now called the guided vacation. An adventurous vacation where storytellers study the history and culture of the land and share their knowledge with curious travelers interested in new experiences. The guided vacation trades the mystery of the gypsy for luxury and knowledge underneath the guise of an expedition tour led by storytellers (adventure guides). It’s a comprehensive destination package experience. This is the story behind the guided vacation – a new form of adventure where we embrace and share the knowledge of the secret wonders of the world.

Natural mysteries come to light: The modern guided vacation.

The natural mysteries of each destination comes to light through the illuminating stories of adventure storytellers and destination travel hosts.

One of the most recent guided vacations is Adventures by Disney. Adventures by Disney offers family vacations in global destinations. Each adventure is accompanied by a trained Disney travel host who shares stories of the regions history. Guests travel on a 7-9 Day group adventure to some of the most exciting locations in the world. Another innovative guided vacation is the private plane tour. A guided vacation similar in concept however the ingenuity comes into play by trading traditional airline flights, cruise ships and even bus tours by transporting guests to different destinations by private planes. The gypsy and wander travel inspiration is seen by the use of destination and travel hosts who share the culture and history of each destination.